About Me

Oh man, this is so fun! First off, Hi! I am Lauran!!


I am currently living in Dover Delaware, but my hometown is in the magical Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I hop all around the East Coast, pretty much all the time. I recently started taking the time to explore my love for photography more seriously.


I specialize in families, couples, weddings, and portraits. And the occasional animal, haha. Basically, I take photos of anything, and everything! My photography style is documentary, with a fine art twist. Colors, light, and emotion fill my images. I love real life moments.


I want to capture the raw, the real, and the things that would typically go unnoticed. My ideal shoot would be following around your sweet family with my camera, and capturing those in between moments. Perfectly posed is nice and all, but I strive to capture the things that you will want to stare at when you are 70 and longing to go back to the days of endless laundry and whiny babies.



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